How to Fix Hacked WordPress Website

31 Aug

The leading blogging platform these days is WordPress. It is also one of the best platforms among the options available for Content Management System. These days WordPress owns 48 of the top 100 online blogs. Apart from that half of the websites now days are made in WordPress. But there are some security measures which everyone should opt for. According to a survey, more than one million websites which were in WordPress were cracked last year.

If you want a website on WordPress platform and do not have the required skills, then it does not mean that you can not own a website on WordPress. You can hire an expert developer for designing your WordPress website. If your site has some security issues, then you can always contact Fixrpress. Fixrpress is among the leading companies which provide services to fix hacked WordPress website. They have skilled technicians to fix your website. WordPress is typically a stable and secure platform but if it is not being updated regularly and required plug-ins are not installed, then it could become hackers friendly.

WordPress hacked redirects

One can keep his/her website secure from hackers by continuously updating it, by creating custom secret keys for wp-config.php file, changing the database prefix, and protecting their htaccess file Always hide your WordPress Version by installing your security plug-in. The security plug-ins  that needs to be installed are WP DB Backup, WP Security Scan, Ask Apache Password Protect, Stealth Login, Login Lockdown, WP-DB Manager, Admin SSL Secure Plug-in, User Locker, Limit Login Attempts, Login Encryption, One Time Password, Antivirus, Exploit Scanner etc. If your WordPress site starts redirecting, then it is a clear sign that your site has been hacked. It is a saying that “Prevention is always better than cure”. So if all the security related plug-ins and information is easily available, then why not to make use of them to save our site from hackers. Sometimes a WordPress site redirects, this is known as WordPress hacked redirects. It needs a specialist to fix the problems.


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